A Little Bit o’ Scribbling About Context-Lenses

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

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I just got home from seeing The Hunger Games. It was…y’know, fine.

I read the books a few months back when I was stuck in bed sick for a week. They’d originally piqued my interest because I’d heard them described as an allegory for contemporary USian politics with some challenging themes around resistance, allyship, and the relationships between several (potentially) women of color as main characters — and ’cause, y’know, the plot sounds kinda cool. And I followed the uproar when the casting call for Katniss was limited to white actresses.

I won’t go into a big discussion about why representation matters. It’s a huge topic that I don’t have the mental focus to talk about succinctly tonight. I will mention that, because representation matters so much, people who don’t often see themselves represented in pop-culture are highly attuned to pick up on small hints or potentials for…

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