Hate all the systems. Love all the people.

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

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I’m posting this on my own blog, too. It’s a comment from this thread on Alisa‘s blog – which is, itself, a response to this thread on the KinkForAll Denvermailing list.

So, I just put two-and-two together about why some of the conversations I’ve had over the past few days about this subject have left me so frustrated. I keep talking to people who seem like they should Get It – and, instead, they seem hurt and angry and confused about why myself or people who I support are “attacking” them.

I’ve had this gut sense that it has something to do with a misframing of the conversation, but I couldn’t explain what exactly. It just clicked:

The conversation worth having about privilege and the BDSM scene is not only about calling PEOPLE in the scene out for having OTHER privileges wrt e.g. race, class, etc. I…

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