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Red Hot Bandana Sandwich

Posted: April 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

I always forget to look at my WordPress stats, so when I do I’m often surprised. I especially like seeing what kinds of bizarre search terms cause people to come across my blog. The search terms that lead people to the Bandana Blog aren’t that surprising. “Bdsm rape” is, of course, number one, followed closely by “rolequeer”. Most of the hits are either people looking for information about rape culture in BDSM, or looking for information about BDSM rape play. And then there are my personal favorites: people looking for information about bandanas.

But my personal blog — where I first started working out all of this theory, and where many of the early Bandana Blog entries are reposted from — has been around much longer and when I looked at the search terms for that one, some meaningful patterns started to emerge. Rather than trying to rigorously analyze them (since who knows what truly lurks in the mind of a random Googler?), I thought I would turn them into a couple of little “found poems”. Every line in these poems is a verbatim search string that someone (or multiple someones) used to find my blog:


being invisible hurts a lot
being invisible in the queer community
invisible on the periphery of other people’s lives
invisible woman gets fucked
erotic invisible girl sex stories
invisible girl blog sign up

“fear of being abusive”
what can happen to the submissive
complicated bdsm ties
bdsm monopoly
bdms organms complication
ive had an orgasum before, but now that im having sex i haven’t hac one. why?
bdsm phobic
why is it the bdsm scene suggests that its not for couples who dont want to share
are bdsm girls pretty blog
slave survivor bdsm abuse

what happens when two submissive people get together
jokes about submissive people
quotes about fool people are dominant
can two dominant people be together
unhappy “two submissive”
both partners submissive
fetishizing submissive identity
two dominant people cant fuck
two submissives in a relationship
two submissives
being submissive makes me sad

epistemic trauma
psychoanalysis trauma epistemic violence
women who experience less desire feel marginalized by sex positivity

how cyborgs are being experimented today

This second poem has a very clear theme. Above and beyond everything else, there seems to be one term — and every imaginably misspelling of it — that brings viewers to my page over and over again. I imagine them, as I have done myself many times, sitting in front of their laptops alone, in the dark, staring into a blank search screen, wondering what they could possibly type that would help alleviate this feeling…


story about loneliness
stories about loneliness
loneliness story
story of loneliness
stories of loneliness
stories on loneliness
loneliness stories
a story about loneliness
story loneliness
the story of loneliness
story for loneliness
account of loneliness
the story of someone who has loneliness
can being lonely make you ache
story about lonliness
my heart hurts like hell and i can’t do anything to make me feel better
story of someone with lonliness
loneliness stories blog
story on lonliness
long stories about loneliness
blog stories i feel lonely
story on loneliness and grief
blog on loneliness
never talk to anyone lonely
stry about loneliness
touching stories about loneliness
some stories loneliness
lonliness 10 lines story
isn’t there something here that can make me less lonely
loneliness real stories in blog post
story lonelyness
lonelyness story
queer and lonely
lonely storeies bloggs
how does loneliness create empathy
story of lonlinss
personal stories of loneliness
something cheery