A long time ago, on a blog post far, far away, an anonymous reader left a comment that started like this:

A girlfriend of mine linked me to this post. I don’t really know who you are, because I don’t usually read kink scene blogs except when she links me to them. But I know a) that I agree with you, b) that I tend to agree with most of the things Maymay says, and that c) people like you and Maymay make me very happy. Sometimes I think I would like to be part of the kink blogosphere, but I don’t think I could handle getting the hate. But you guys say some great things that I feel like everyone needs to be talking more about.

And I thought, “Kink scene blog, huh?”

I don’t think of thirdxlucky as a “kink blog” nearly so much as a space for me to talk about mental health and my process of recovering from abuse. Granted, I sure have written a lot of stuff about BDSM over there. (Now reblogged here for your aggregated reading pleasure.) Probably because BDSM has been pretty intertwined with my mental health and my process of recovery from abuse.

But I’m at a point in that process, now, where I’ve been able to largely disentangle those two things. I thought it might be time to disentangle my writing on them, too. It will surprise probably nobody except me that, as it turns out, I still have a lot to say about BDSM as both a culture and a practice. You might catch me saying some of it here.

  1. ea says:

    heya! is there a way i can send you an email or message on another platform? i have a question about referencing/cross-posting, as well as another question id prefer to ask privately. thanks so much for your blog, it has been really helpful to me in the last couple years. ❤

    • thirdxlucky says:

      Hi there! Sorry, I just saw this. I check this blog so infrequently these days. Hopefully you’ll see this response. Anyway, yes, please feel free to send me an email at foxtale at riseup dot net. 🙂

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